What do Consumers Want?

There’s an obvious disconnect between brands and consumers today. As Avi Savar, founder and chief executive officer of Big Fuel has stated, “Consumers are bombarded with more than 5,000 branded messages a day, and for a brand to be successful they’ve got to make real connections with meaningful content that will break through the clutter and drive commerce.”

To help  bring consumers and marketers together, Big Fuel has launched ContentToCommerce.TV, an interactive video think tank developed to create a community conversation between brands and consumers through an open, honest exchange. The site, a first of its kind, is an aggregation of market voices and consumer opinoins that helps to answer the big question, “What do consumers want?”

Here is a new community dedicated to fostering true consumer engagement so we can ultimately build more bridges between telling “people stories” and “product stories.”

So please join the conversation in progress at www.contenttocommerce.tv. Share your opinion with the world by uploading a video and let us know your thoughts.

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